Cancer Services
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The oncological services in the "Biotherapy" Center are provided by the Clinical Department (the department of intensive care for cancer patients). The physicians of the Department use all the therapies licensed by the Federal Supervision Service for Public Health and Social Affairs, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery, except radiation therapy. The specialists also use European treatment protocols, which implies that any latest medication from any country considered most effective at a given stage of a specific oncological disease treatment can be used. If a necessity occurs, the physicians of the Center can consult the world's leading oncologists via the Internet.

The unique technologies of the "Biotherapy" Center include:

  • Use of biological medications, and alpha-fetoprotein in particular;
  • Immunotherapy using DNA derivatives;
  • Use of different methods of extracorporeal detoxication; and
  • Controlled whole body and local hyperthermia.


The specialists of the Center practice radical surgery for tumors of different localizations as well as cytoreductive surgery. Cryotherapy and intracavitary hyperthermia might also be used during the surgical process in case of necessity. In case of metastatic liver tumors vessel chemoembolization is applied.


The chemotherapy protocols are grounded on European standards, providing maximum protection from possible side-effects and complications.


The chemotherapy might in some cases make more harm than good. Thus, the TP Activation method, when a drug becomes toxic only inside a cancerous cell, is used. It not only provides gentle and harmless therapy but also enables outpatient treatment.


Gene therapy is a technique of influencing the signal system and genome of a cancerous cell. Currently, the physicians of the Clinical Department use HER2/HER1 growth factor receptor blockers and also a complex of signal molecules, which is the "Biotherapy" Center's own technique.


Biotherapy means utilizing bioactive substances such as interferons, interleukins, colony stimulating factors and other to affect a cancerous cell.


Angiostatic therapy provides inhibition of the development of blood vessels and, therefore, reduction of cancerous cell blood supply. This is one of the most rapidly developing methods utilized by the specialists of the Center.

Please note!
The Clinical Department of the "Biotherapy" Center does not treat cancers of the blood.
✆ 8 (38341) 5-11-36, 5-11-38, 8-913-914-8411 ✉ Новосибирская область, г. Бердск, ул. Пушкина, 172