Cancer Services
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Patient Guide

To provide inpatient therapeutic services for cancer and neurological patients a face-to-face or remote consultation with the specialists of the "Biotherapy" Center is needed.

In case of an out-of-Novosibirsk residence and no possibility for a face-to-face consultation, please send the following medical documents by fax to +7 383 330-39-08 (24 hours a day)or +7 383 330-42-67, OR by e-mail to Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. so that our specialists can make admission and rehabilitation decision.


  • Discharge record, including:
    • Date of diagnosis;
    • What treatment has taken place (what, when, what medications have been used);
    • What surgery, if any, has been received (what, when; enclose the surgical record);
  • Whole and biochemical blood test results;
  • Examination records (X-ray, CAT-scan, MR imaging, and ultrasound investigation records); and
  • Histological analysis results.


If you do not have all the required information, you are advised to send the documents you have. Your doctor can clarify unclear points to you. Please be sure to include your contact details (telephone and fax numbers, e-mail, full name and date of birth of the patient) so that our specialists can respond quickly and correctly.

You will receive the reply in 2 or 3 days with the following information:

  • Advised treatment course;
  • Hospitalization length (if required);
  • Hospitalization cost;
  • Name of personal doctor; and
  • Doctor's telephone number to consult in case of any questions.

If you do not have all the required information, you are advised to send the documents you have. Your doctor can clarify unclear points to you. Please be sure to include your contact details (telephone and fax numbers, e-mail, full name and date of birth of the patient) so that our specialists can respond quickly and correctly.

The "Biotherapy" Center specialists will contact you within several days and inform you about the document study results.

Our Research

The "Biotherapy" Oncology and Neurology Center started its research back in 1992 with development and clinical application of oncofetal protein-based cancer immunotherapy methods. Later on, the research field was expanded and involved lymphotropic chemotherapy and conjugate chemotherapy using nDNA-based medications. Together with these researches the controlled whole body hyperthermia was being investigated. As an outcome there appeared hyperthermia therapies which have no analogues in the world and this became a significant step in the cancerous tumor treatment. The specialists of the Center have by now well-studied and tested these methods, worked out lists of indications and contraindications, designed therapy courses and studied their compatibility and eventually these therapies became a daily routine of the clinical department of the Center. However, the specialists of the Center still continue studying the application of the whole body hyperthermia for treatment of cancerous tumors of different localizations.

The "Biotherapy" Center specialists develop new and apply well-tested methods of using biological response modifiers such as recombinant interferon-a, tumor necrosis factor, interleukin-2, and other as the means of immunotherapy and immunochemotherapy. Other innovative and promising therapies include such as gene therapies based on monoclonal antibodies to specific tumor receptors, and new generations of chemotherapeutic agents of highly selective performance and practically no serious side-effects.

The research programs of the Center include demyelinating process neuroimmunology against severe forms of neurological disorders, and effective methods of progressive multiple sclerosis treatment. New therapies are also being developed for the treatment of other diseases such as diabetes, cirrhosis, diseases of the locomotor apparatus, and parasitosis.


A non-governmental organization, the "Biotherapy" Oncology and Neurology Center is a clinical and research center which applies a range of very latest therapies to treatment of severe forms of oncological and neurological diseases. Since its inception in 1994, the Centre has been developing new technologies of diagnosis and treatment and successfully translating them into clinical practice. The "Biotherapy" Centre is the organization where all departments are working toward the common goal of providing patients with all-embracing help in their struggle against the severe disease.

During these 12 years since its opening, the Center has treated thousands of patients from allover Russia, former Soviet Union states and other countries throughout the world. The Center cooperates closely with Russian leading research and clinical organizations in developing and translating new methods of treatment and prevention of oncological and neurological diseases.

The "Biotherapy" Centre provides its treatment and counseling services in an inpatient facility and an outpatient counseling department. There is also an ELISA and clinical recognition laboratory unit. Additionally, the Center has access to diagnostic facilities of the leading research and clinical organizations and laboratories of Novosibirsk.

Although seeming to be all the same under the general names of cancer or neurological pathology, each individual case of these severe diseases is very different. The physicians and specialists of the Center consider the possibilities of treatment and follow-up care for a patient referring to the Center only after a thorough analysis of the case history and past medical record, as a result of which an appointment or additional physical examination is scheduled. There is a specific reference procedure which is essential for proper pre-registering and admission decision making and which at the first stage may not involve face-to-face appointment.

A patient of the Center receives an individual treatment protocol created and advised in accordance with individual peculiarities and the clinical course. No matter how far a patient might be located, each of them is under specialists' dispensary observation. Once a successive stage of an inpatient therapy is completed, the patient receives remote and outpatient consultations on further treatment and prevention so that to insure a lasting result. No matter how severe a case is, the physicians of the Center will provide all the necessary counseling and can go to a patient's residence in case of need to have a face-to-face examination and make the admission decision.

The time-proved expertise and experience of the specialists underpinned by new treatment technologies and individual approach toward each patient is what makes the "Biotherapy" Oncology and Neurology Center. 

We focus on the result!

Cancer Services

The oncological services in the "Biotherapy" Center are provided by the Clinical Department (the department of intensive care for cancer patients). The physicians of the Department use all the therapies licensed by the Federal Supervision Service for Public Health and Social Affairs, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy and surgery, except radiation therapy. The specialists also use European treatment protocols, which implies that any latest medication from any country considered most effective at a given stage of a specific oncological disease treatment can be used. If a necessity occurs, the physicians of the Center can consult the world's leading oncologists via the Internet.

The unique technologies of the "Biotherapy" Center include:

  • Use of biological medications, and alpha-fetoprotein in particular;
  • Immunotherapy using DNA derivatives;
  • Use of different methods of extracorporeal detoxication; and
  • Controlled whole body and local hyperthermia.


The specialists of the Center practice radical surgery for tumors of different localizations as well as cytoreductive surgery. Cryotherapy and intracavitary hyperthermia might also be used during the surgical process in case of necessity. In case of metastatic liver tumors vessel chemoembolization is applied.


The chemotherapy protocols are grounded on European standards, providing maximum protection from possible side-effects and complications.


The chemotherapy might in some cases make more harm than good. Thus, the TP Activation method, when a drug becomes toxic only inside a cancerous cell, is used. It not only provides gentle and harmless therapy but also enables outpatient treatment.


Gene therapy is a technique of influencing the signal system and genome of a cancerous cell. Currently, the physicians of the Clinical Department use HER2/HER1 growth factor receptor blockers and also a complex of signal molecules, which is the "Biotherapy" Center's own technique.


Biotherapy means utilizing bioactive substances such as interferons, interleukins, colony stimulating factors and other to affect a cancerous cell.


Angiostatic therapy provides inhibition of the development of blood vessels and, therefore, reduction of cancerous cell blood supply. This is one of the most rapidly developing methods utilized by the specialists of the Center.

Please note!
The Clinical Department of the "Biotherapy" Center does not treat cancers of the blood.
✆ 8 (38341) 5-11-36, 5-11-38, 8-913-914-8411 ✉ Новосибирская область, г. Бердск, ул. Пушкина, 172